Smithfields Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q Franchise InformationThese are the steps you will need to take to own your Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q® or SCNB® franchise

This process could change at our discretion without notice.

1. Fill out the Franchise Information Request Form

Located here.

2. Apply for a Franchise

Download the Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q® Application Form or the SCNB CHICKEN ‘N BAR-B-Q® Application and mail/fax to address/fax number on application.

Smithfield's Franchise FAQs3. Application Review and Phone Interview

After we receive the completed application, our franchise development representative will contact you by phone to discuss preliminary questions and review the feasibility of a long-term business partnership. A personal meeting may be scheduled at this time.

4. First Personal Meeting, Receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Smithfield's Franchise Our CulturePrior to this meeting we will complete background and credit checks to verify all submitted information on your application. At this meeting, you will learn about our franchise program and the support we offer (such as site selection assistance, training, marketing, etc.). We will discuss your responsibilities to the franchise system and your personal qualifications and business objectives. You will also be invited to contact any of our current franchisees to learn more about owning and operating a franchise.

In addition, you will receive Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD is a disclosure document describing important franchise information and the franchise agreement. Take some time to thoroughly review the FDD. We recommend you consult with an attorney or business advisor.

Smithfield's Franchise Support5. Preliminary Agreement

After you review the FDD, had the opportunity to discuss our system with existing franchisees, and you wish to move ahead, you will be asked to participate in a Working Interview, which is conducted over several days. You will first sign a Preliminary Agreement and pay a $10,000 deposit. The $10,000 deposit will be applied towards your initial franchise fee if a franchise agreement is signed. The Working Interview is scheduled at one of our company-owned restaurants in North Carolina. The purpose of Working Interview is to provide our applicants with hands-on experience and to evaluate all the resources that we have to offer. These days are an excellent opportunity for you to review our operation first-hand.

Smithfield's Franchise Targeted Markets6. Enter into a Franchise Agreement

Once a site is selected, the terms have been negotiated, and all appropriate paperwork has been submitted, you will then enter into a Franchise Agreement and pay the $50,000 franchise fee. It is only after you have signed a Franchise Agreement that you become a Franchisee.

7. Training

You and/or your operating partner are scheduled to attend our 28-day training program, which involves intermittent classroom and on-the-job training at our Support Center and a company-owned store.

8. Complete Construction and Open for Business

After successfully completing your training, you will begin working directly with your franchise business partner on the final countdown to opening your restaurant.

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