Taking First Step Toward Western NC Expansion With New Greensboro Store

Greensboro LocationSmithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q opened its new Greensboro location at 4101 Fernhurst Way on August 22, 2013 and received overwhelming support from the Greensboro community. This store is the brand’s 34th location to serve the high quality food and gracious hospitality that was rooted in the restaurant’s humble beginning. When Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q first opened in downtown Smithfield, N.C. in 1964, it was just called Smithfield’s and was located in a tall, brick building with tin ceilings, cloth awnings, and a sink in the dining room so the farmers could wash up before a meal of Eastern North Carolina-style (or vinegar-based ) bar-b-q, potato salad, coleslaw, fried chicken, and sweetened iced tea. Since then Smithfield’s Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q has grown, and the new Greensboro store opens the door to the west for expansion. On opening day of its new Greensboro restaurant, “The positive support of this location decision was tangible. The sheer volume of sales was amazing!” says Richard Averitte, Vice President of Operations. He adds, “We are grateful to serve the Greensboro community. It represents our initiative to move into the western part of the state.” And that expansion plan makes the loyal customer base very happy. The Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q Facebook and Twitter pages were ablaze with excitement from fans eagerly awaiting the Greensboro opening, as well as encouraging the restaurant to open a store in their area—and those areas spanned the nation. For example, this post and similar versions peppered the restaurant’s page: “Congratulations on your new store in Greensboro. As you can see… everyone wants you to build one nearer to them, and I'm no exception.”

Smithfield’s Chicken N Bar-B-Q Helps 6th Annual Joey O Bocce Classic Roll to Cure Cystic Fibrosis

bocce - joeys wife and daughter 6-2013Forget running or walking – the Joey O Bocce Classic charity tournament is focused on rolling to cure cystic fibrosis – using a bocce ball. While it might seem unlikely, this popular tournament draws dozens of teams to Cardinal Gibbons High School football field for the largest event of its kind in the Research Triangle. This year’s 6th annual tournament on April 28th raised over $35,500. “The unique event generates donations, but it also fosters a real camaraderie for the cause among the players. We are battling the disease in a fun and positive way,” says Peggy Mulligan, one of the event's organizers. Bocce equipment is simply a set of bocce balls and a smaller "object ball" (sometimes called a jack). The object of the game is for one team to throw or roll as many of their balls closer to the jack than the opposing team's closest ball. Similarly, Joey O participants are driven to roll closer to a cure. Bbocce sponsorship 6-2013ecause of the nature of the game, people of all ages can enjoy it. There’s also plenty of downtime for good conversation – and delicious Bar-B-Q provided by Smithfield’s Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q, co-sponsor since the event’s inception. Richard Averitte, Director of Operations and Marketing says, “Good food facilitates fun and fellowship, and Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q continues its commitment to feed the Joey O Bocce Classic’s efforts to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.” He adds, "We also want to thank our partners, Coco-Cola Bottling Co. and US Foods, for contributing products for the event." Started in 2008, the Joey O Bocce Classic for Cystic Fibrosis Research honors Joe O'Connell, who died of complications from Cystic Fibrosis on November 11, 2009. Smithfield's Chicken 'N Bar-B-Q is grateful to serve this tremendous community of supporters determined to keep Joe’s spirit alive. For more information on the Joey O Bocce Classic, or to register to receive information about next year’s event, please visit www.JoeyOBocceClassic.org.

Congratulations to Santos Saldivor, a Newton Grove Employee

santos-scholarship-300x288Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q is proud of one of our Newton Grove employees for receiving the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Santos Saldivor has worked for Smithfield’s in Newton Grove for almost two years and is a graduating senior this year. Santos has recently been awarded the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship.  Only 1,000 students annually out of 54,000 who apply receive this honor. According to the website, “The Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) Program selects 1,000 talented students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice. We provide Gates Millennium Scholars with personal and professional development through our leadership programs along with academic support throughout their college career.” This opportunity will give him a full ride to the school of his choice and allow him to renew it annually even to graduate studies.   We are proud of Santos and so grateful he serves our customers.

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