5 Tips when Tailgating with Kids

kids and tailgatingWhile tailgating is generally considered an adults-only event, you can still make it a family-friendly affair when bringing kids along for the fun. If you do bring your kids tailgating, don’t forget these must-haves. 1. Kid friendly food/drinks. Bring food that your kids will enjoy. Oh, the kids don’t like bar-b-q? Hotdogs are an excellent substitute! Switch out fried chicken for smaller chicken tenders. Hushpuppies and French fries are clear winners on kid’s menus. Also, it’s highly recommended that you load up a separate “kid friendly” cooler with soda, water and some southern Sweet Tea. 2. Games kids can play. You might not think about it, but kids like to play many of the same games that adults do. Cornhole is a favorite among kids since they love to throw bean bags around anyway! Also bring a frisbee and a football! It can be a long wait until the game starts so maybe bring along an iPod or handheld video game player to keep them busy. Lawn chair scavenger hunt winner 9-20123. A spot close to the bathroom. Since the little ones will probably be eating and drinking more than usual during this event, they may need to go to the bathroom more often. Try to set up somewhere close to the bathrooms and the kids will love you for it! You’ll appreciate this decision in the long run. 4. Other families/playmates. Most of the time, when kids are in a group, they’re pretty good at entertaining themselves. If you can, attend a tailgate with other family and friends. When the kids are happy, the adults are happy! 5. Make it easy. Don’t spend hours preparing food to take with you. Family time means spending quality time with the family. Make life easy on yourself by stopping by a Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q to pick up THE Tailgate Special. Your friends will love you for it too!

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