Podcast: Whistles and Hot Seats

Accsports-logo-scnbThis week the guys want to know if there are any stones left unturned from the NC State v. Syracuse game. We wonder if this goes into the annals of NCSTATESHEEEEEEEEEEE. Syracuse is unbeaten … but is it actually the third-best team in the ACC?

Just how bad is the bottom of the ACC? (This was recorded WHILE Virginia Tech was ahead of UVa in the second half, of course.) Why the ACC would really have liked to see N.C. State knock off Syracuse.

Another week, another rush of angry ref tweets sent to @ACCSports. A random digression into musicals. Then back to a philosophical discussion of referees and Jim connects it to journalism. And can we find a better way to measure ref performance? Seriously, this will all make sense if you listen to it.

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