Week 13: The RealTailgate.com Hoops Hangout

SfieldHHangout_NewThe RealTailGate.com Hoops Hangout is a bi-weekly college basketball podcast we are sponsoring. Don’t miss any Monday or Thursday episodes. Subscribe to our podcast in itunes and each new episode will automatically download so you can listen whenever you want.

Monday’s Show

As strange as the season has been so far, Clemson losing in Chapel Hill returns a little normalcy to ACC basketball. Don’t look now, but the #GoBig4 is on a 7 game winning streak thanks to a clean sweep over the weekend, although a classic trap game awaits Duke on Monday night as Pitt will try to pull off the shocker of all shockers.

Thursday’s Show

While the former Big East imposes their weather on the Triangle, Ben and Shane talk about how Pitt couldn’t out-Big East Duke at the Pete in what was a critical game for both teams. Is it time to start being honest about who’s the best player on Duke’s roster? And a quick look ahead at the always entertaining NC State/UNC rivalry.

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